Use your star sign to choose a home


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Use your star sign to choose a home

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Before you roll your eyes and declare star signs to all be a load of hocus-pocus, take a look at this Ideabook and see if perhaps what we think would be your ideal house is actually accurate.

We're not saying that we will get it right all the time, or even that we totally subscribe to these notions, but it is interesting to see which home styles are attributed to which groups of people.

You never know, you might fancy having an architect commission you something totally zodiac-aligned because, after all, it is written in the stars!

1. Aquarius: You need a home that's filled with as much light as possible, so it's all about the glazing!

Camp Hammer โดย Uptic Studios โมเดิร์น
Uptic Studios

Camp Hammer

Uptic Studios

2. Sagittarius: You value your privacy and have a modest streak, so a detached cabin could be perfect

3. Pisces: You're an adventurous lot so an unusual, secluded house that needs work is right up your street

4. Cancer: We think a colonial or traditionally American style of house will suit your nostalgic nature

5. Gemini: You love both glitz and modesty, so a glossy, minimalist one-storey build is ideal

6. Scorpio: You love being fashionable so a contemporary prefab is just right for you

โดย mlnp architects โมเดิร์น

7. Virgo: You love a little history and grandeur, so a heritage home, such as a farm estate, would be great!

Veddw Farm, Monmouthshire โดย Hall + Bednarczyk Architects คันทรี่
Hall + Bednarczyk Architects

Veddw Farm, Monmouthshire

Hall + Bednarczyk Architects

8. Capricorn: Strong, large and structurally simple will really appeal to your steadfast nature

โดย ATV Arquitectos โมเดิร์น

9. Libra: You love function to co-exist with beauty so an Art Nouveau new build would be lovely

10. Aries: Your family and pets come first, so a large funky house is perfect!

โดย 국민대학교 คันทรี่

11. Taurus: An unabashed love of luxury makes a private oasis home the right choice

12. Leo: You ned to be master of all you survey, so a detached house with a view is the only choice for you!

For more zodiac-related fun, take a look at this Ideabook: Using Star Signs To Solve Your Bedroom Design Question.

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