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12 little tricks that increase the value of your home

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It's all very well following home furnishing trends and keeping an eye on what interior designers are doing online and on television, but do you know the basics of making the most of your home? 

We're talking about those simple tasks that will keep your space looking its best and feeling beautiful. If you could do with a refresher, fear not! We've compiled a list of top tips for keeping all the rooms in your home looking and feeling their absolute best. 

Read on and make sure you're doing all of them…

1. Freshen up a tired space, such as a hallway, with some fresh new colours

2. Keep your driveway or path picture perfect and litter-free. Gravel can help with this!

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3. Identify any damp spots and treat right away as it gets into the walls

4. Commit to a regular cleaning schedule for a sweet-smelling home

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5. Give your front and rear façades an annual deep clean. Tree-trimming shouldn't be ignored!

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6. Replace anything that breaks straight away, rather than 'making do'. You deserve nice things

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7. Pay attention to your window frames as they can be prone to mildew, which is hard to clean off

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8. Weed, tend and look after your garden to keep it feeling naturally beautiful and looking inviting

9. Cracked tiles really affect the finish of your home, so always pull them up or off the wall and replace them

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10. Stain any external wood every year to keep it protected and looking new

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11. Keep garage door mechanisms oiled and functional, nor forgetting to clean the fronts regularly

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12. Remember that less can be more when it comes to decorating. Let the house speak for itself!

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