5 ways to use a corner as a storage space


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5 ways to use a corner as a storage space

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 It’s safe to say for most of us finding storage space in the home can be a problem; whether big or small, our homes tend to get cluttered and despite our best efforts, it’s all too easy for the place to start looking untidy.

 Here at homify we’re all about helping you to cut corners and find the easiest, and most effective ways to manage your home. Today we’ll be looking at ways to increase storage space, specifically by looking at ways to turn a corner into valuable extra storage; hopefully helping to you to create a neat and organised home.

1. Under-bed storage

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 Although not always the case, the bed is likely to be pushed into the room’s corner; particularly in a smaller room. It’s also safe to say that the bed will likely take up the most space in the bedroom, so why not use the space under the bed for storage?

 A plethora of beds are available with built in storage, but an array of attractive boxes and baskets can also be purchased to make use if the space.

2. Corner cupboard

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 An under the counter corner cupboard is a kitchen storage solution you can count on! 

As with the nifty example above, an array designs are available with slide out shelves, making access to the depths of the cupboard quick and convenient.

3. Corner shelves

 Wall-mounted shelves are a fantastic way to increase storage in your home. In particular, high shelves in a small room can make all the difference.

 There’s no reason why you can’t get a little creative with your shelving – smaller, corner shelves are great for more decorative items such as pictures.

4. A corner chest

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A Stylish Existence

Distressed Dressing Chest

A Stylish Existence

 When it comes to the bedroom a corner chest can be a great way to increase storage and an important part of the room’s décor – tying the room together but providing a balance to other larger items in the room. 

It can be a handy way to store clothes, as well as an important part of creating a traditional, or rustic look in the room.

5. A corner table or desk

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A Child's bedroom


 Why not purchase a little table conveniently cut for a corner? It can be used for storage as in the picture above, or, as little work space tucked neatly to the side of the room. Either way you’ll add to your storage without significantly diminishing the amount of space in the room.

 We hope this little guide has helped you to find extra storage solutions for your home, but if you’re still struggling don’t fret! We have more advice in store. Or, if you’re really struggling, it always pays to consult a professional.

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