15 creative and affordable tile ideas for your bathroom


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15 creative and affordable tile ideas for your bathroom

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Luxury Bathroom โดย Studio Hooton โมเดิร์น
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Tiled flooring is often a top choice for bathrooms around the world. It looks elegant, is easy to maintain and are available in a variety of colours and materials, from the more affordable ceramics, to the sleek and glossy porcelain. Both of which are impervious to moisture and therefore make a fantastic choice that is durable too. These 15 amazing bathroom designs have taken tile styling to the next level, creating a cool, calm and collected décor that is comfortable and beautiful.

1. Scandinavian inspiration

สแกนดิเนเวียน  โดย homify, สแกนดิเนเวียน

Our first image shows off the simplicity of Scandinavian décor. The bathroom is decorated in tiles with various shapes, colours and patterns. The floor tiles display a beehive shaped design, while the walls are styled with rectangular tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern.

2. Black, white and grey

โดย Ragno

This bathroom design is excellent. From the use of a neutral colour palette, featuring white, grey and black hexagonal tiles that decorate the floor and a part of the wall as well. The combination of colours along with the wooden stools creates an attractive and appealing effect to this bathroom.

3. Luxurious style

Bathroom โดย Roselind Wilson Design โมเดิร์น

This bathroom is the epitome of vintage luxury and elegant décor. There is something so vibrant about this bathroom that is dominated by shades of grey and purple. The mirrored panels create an illusion of space, while the tiled flooring is absolutely different.

4. The calm and restful

ทันสมัย  โดย homify, โมเดิร์น

Sensestone Light Grey Matt Tiles


This textured porcelain tile with a matte finish is an elegant non-slip choice for the exceptional bathroom. And with so much natural light adding to the calming effect of the indoors, this décor is perfect.

5. Retro chic

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

This bathroom design has an undeniable retro vibe. The shower room is however a modern take on the old-fashion style, and is spacious too, while the mustard yellow tiles, along with contemporary fixtures and fittings makes this bathroom an artistic and elegant design.

6. Patchwork

โดย 08023 Architects โมเดิร์น

Just because your bathroom is located in the attic, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stylish. Consider this white interior and fantastic patchwork tiled flooring for a great décor option that is pretty and tidy.

7. Extreme elegance

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London โดย Drummonds Bathrooms คลาสสิค
Drummonds Bathrooms

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London

Drummonds Bathrooms

This classical bathroom is elegant, opulent and colourful. The blue tiles create a Mediterranean-inspired décor. The wall tiles have a contemporary element that is modern and stylish, while the rest of the accessories are ideal for any vintage-loving individual. You may want to contact a bathroom designer to get this look for your home.

8. Sunshine yellow

Huddleston Road โดย Sam Tisdall Architects LLP โมเดิร์น

A vibrant yellow such as this may be an unusual choice for bathroom décor, but this sunshine colour design is styled, quirky and instantly mood lifting. It’s definitely the perfect choice for a small bathroom that needs uplifting.

9. Etchibg

Brick Tile Series โดย Tileflair คันทรี่

Brick Tile Series


This neutral colour bathroom is a great choice, especially if you look closely at the tiles that have subtle patterns, creating an etched effect that it was etched into the wall. The accessories and fixtures are a fitting element to the design as well.

10. Graceful

โดย BONBA studio คลาสสิค

A bathroom design such as this is elegant, earthy and comfortable. The wooden vanity is a chic choice of décor, while the mirror and potted plants create a modern oasis effect that is accentuated by the brilliant illumination.

11. Delightful

A bright and cheery bathroom is definitely a fascinating choice in light colours for bathroom décor, this one is a combination of cool colours and an amazing mirror that brightens up the interior even more.

12. Stone style

Aberdeen Park โดย ReDesign London Ltd โมเดิร์น
ReDesign London Ltd

Aberdeen Park

ReDesign London Ltd

The flooring here is extravagant and classy, with marble slabs creating a fantastic effect. The shower however has a more delicate patterned tile adding to the décor, and it showcases spectacular style too.

13. Mosaic magic

The mosaic floor tiles along with this darker toned bathroom décor may be a gorgeous and rustic choice to add pizazz to your bathroom. The under counter lighting however ensures that you will be able to find all your essentials easily.

14. Minimalist drama

Luxury Bathroom โดย Studio Hooton โมเดิร์น
Studio Hooton

Luxury Bathroom

Studio Hooton

This luxurious bathroom décor with the glittering mosaic tiles is sleek and stylish. The perfect choice for minimalist home. It’s contemporary, spacious and filled with elegance and drama.

15. Tranquil and serene

โดย Egue y Seta สแกนดิเนเวียน

We’ve come to the end of our Ideabook today, but we have to consider the most tranquil and serene bathroom in our creative tile feature. This small bathroom shows meticulous attention to detail, simple design and part of the bathroom has even been decorated with wood flooring for a cosy effect. However, the toilet area and shower zone is completely clad in tiles, adding a sleek décor to this neutral bathroom. Now how about these: 9 Gorgeous, Colourful Bathrooms Perfect For Your Home!?

โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น