Small and simple family home with everything you need

Leigh Leigh
大高の家/ House in Odaka, 市原忍建築設計事務所 / Shinobu Ichihara Architects 市原忍建築設計事務所 / Shinobu Ichihara Architects บ้านและที่อยู่อาศัย ไม้จริง Multicolored
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Today, we are going to visit Japan, where design professionals Shinobu Ichihara Architects, have built the most simple and yet effective home that we have ever seen.

This home is a wonderful example of how sometimes less is in fact more as well as how simple can be the most sophisticated.

Situated in Odaka in Japan, this is style of architecture is a wonderful collision between rustic and contemporary.

Let's take a look!

Doubling up

In this image, we can see how the designers have gone for neutral shades throughout the exterior facade, warming up this very simple and basic piece of architecture.

The home features a double storey, yet it looks very understated because the lower storey is almost under ground. Industrial chic cement stairs lead up to the front door, while an aluminium roof reminds us that this is no ostentatious design.

The large glass windows and doors interspersed throughout the home allow for a strong communication between the interior and exterior spaces as well as allow for sunlight and fresh air to flow through the home. 

Light spaces

If we go inside the home, we realise that it is not particularly large or expansive, yet the designers have made the most of the space available to them.

In this narrow corridor, the entire left-hand side of the wall has been utilised for storage space. On the top and the bottom of this space, long cupboards fill the entire wall. This allows for household items to be neatly packed away, keeping the space that is available free and spacious.

The light tones used throughout the interior enhances this look and feel. The simple light wooden finishes, white walls and grey floors make for a very bright and expansive looking area. 

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Natural light

Another wonderful element when it comes to minimalist and modern homes is natural light. Not only is it a lot more eco-friendly and sustainable, naturally warming and lighting up an interior space, but it also makes for a very appealing interior design.

In this image, we can see how large glass windows allow for sunshine to flow through the home at all times of the day. 

The glass window also frames the beautiful surrounds, like an artwork. This provides a natural yet incredibly effective form of decor to the family when they are inside the home. 

The artwork

In this image, you can get a clear idea of what we mean by the window framing the surrounds like a piece of artwork. 

Can you imagine looking at this view from your bed every morning?

Thanks to the strategic architecture and simple design, not much else is needed in this home. The designers don't need to add too much detailed artwork or fancy decor items to the space!

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The little kitchen nook

The little kitchen in this home is tucked away neatly into the corner, while still remaining apart of the open plan design of the home. This creates a very social and interactive space for the family, where they can chat to each other no matter where they are in the house.

This is also a great design tip for a small home. If you want to increase the perception of space, get rid of any unnecessary walls or divisions. This will instantly open the home up!

A modern bathroom

The bathroom in this home adds a full contemporary twist to the design and decor, with a very trendy and unique lamp that protrudes from the wall. 

Lighting is key in a bathroom as you want to be able to see what you are doing as well as create a space that is peaceful and serene.

In this bathroom, the designers achieve the balance between the two by opting for a large glass window that allows natural light to flood the space as well as the little lamp, which allows the residents to see what they are doing without the light overwhelming the space. The strong black tones also break up the neutral colours. 

The stylish stairs

In this image, we can see how a very trendy set of stairs connects the ground floor to the second floor, while forming a design element in itself. This is a great design tool for a minimalist home! Use functional items as decor items, including fireplaces, staircases, windows and doors

Here, we also really get a sense of how the light tones used throughout the interiors really enhance the natural light that flows through the home. You would never guess that this home is as small as it is!