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5 home design ideas with photos and plans to copy

Leigh Leigh
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Often, we see homes that we like in photographs, magazines or in person, even simply from the outside. Yet, we rarely have access to the plans used for the construction and design of these beautiful homes.

In this homify ideabook, we will share four fantastic houses with you along with the architectural plans behind them and carefully analyze how each was distributed and designed. This will hopefully serve as inspiration for your own home design!

These four houses and their modern and contemporary styles will undoubtedly inspire some creativity in you!

1. A two-storey house with an interior dream

This house was created by interior design professional, Mariangel Coghlan. The architectural plan below gives us insight into the creative process!

Top floor

Lower level

This plan illuminates the elements that are introduced throughout the home as well as outside, giving us a better idea of the overall look and feel of the home as well as the layout and the furniture design. This is a simple, fun and easy way to understand what a house will look like during the planning stages.

The final product

In this image, we can see the ground floor and what it looks like in real life! There is a gorgeous piano and beautiful wooden furniture in the dining room and living space. 

Do you see how marvelous the final result can be when the guidelines and plans have been followed?

The final product from another perspective

2. A modern family house equipped with everything!

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This is a family home in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Bravo Design. This house is built on two floors, with the social spaces distributed on the first level while the more private rooms are on the second floor. 

In these plans, we can really see how the facade has turned out beautifully.

The result!

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The House Valldoreix looks like a whole new building, with the renovated space much better adapted to the property that it exists on. There are some remarkable design improvements, which we witnessed in the planning stages. 

This is a simple home with a modern design, featuring clean lines, sleek right angles and an attractive texture achieved by the brick. 

3 . A small apartment with intelligent distribution

Here is the plans of a small apartment, designed by Martins Lucena, who have relied on colours to the distinguish the different areas in the home. We can see a separate social area, outdoor area, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

This allows us to clearly see where each room exists as well as how the rooms flow into one another.

Integrated enviornments

On the ground level, we can see how the social area is distributed in an open plan design. The dining room, living room and kitchen are integrated into a continuous space. 

Have a look at these homify dining room products for inspiration when it comes to decorating your own home.

A few square metres that are well-utilised

Here we get another view of the final result, where there is an integration between the dining room and living room. There is a feeling of spaciousness and visual communication, which is perfect for fluidity and the movement of people.

A living room with a balcony and a view of the outside

Here we can see how the interior space communicates with the exterior space.

4. A mini modern apartment that is very functional

The architectural plans clearly communicate the ideas of the architect and the designers, removing any doubt that the building will go as planned. In this design, the original state was shown in the plan and the new, proposed plan was presented next to it. Here we can clearly see the interventions!

Predictable results seen in 3D

Thanks to the careful planning, we can predict the final results presented in images and 3D models for better viewing. 

Today, it is easy to get access to these tools thanks to technology. This helps us to visualize the results more clearly!

Now a look at the actual apartment. Isn't it great?

The living room and kitchen

This is total inspiration!

If you like this ideabook, you'll love this beautiful but simple home for a perfect family!

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