9 tricks to save money in your Hong Kong home


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9 tricks to save money in your Hong Kong home

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When living in an expensive city such as Hong Kong, it is important to ensure you know where every one of your domestic dollars goes. With rising electricity, gas and water bills, it can be easy to spend far more than you realise. However, saving money doesn't have to mean pinching pennies or becoming a miser, in actual fact, living economically can start by taking advantage of items you already have within your home.

Today at homify we are going to take a peek at 9 simple ways to save money in your Hong Kong home. If you find yourself wanting to reduce your overall domestic spending, or become a little more environmentally friendly, read on below and start saving now!

1. Eliminate phantom electricity

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Switching off electrical appliances definitely saves you money around the house, but unplugging completely is even better. Reduce phantom electricity that increases your household bills by unplugging when not in use. 

2. Close curtains when you go out

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A huge amount of heat enters and is lost through windows. In summer keep your curtains shut, and in winter retain interior heat by shutting them when you aren't home. 

3. Remember to switch off appliances

Switching off appliances ensures you do not waste electricity. This will reduce your bills, as well as ensuring you are more mindful in the way you live. Focus on televisions, computers and other appliances that may be easily forgotten. 

4. Use the air conditioner only when necessary

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Air conditioners are one of the biggest energy consumers within the home. To save money, only use your appliance when you actually need it, and consider bringing fresh air into your living room by opening windows instead. 

5. Learn to sew

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Make the most of your household textiles and fabrics by learning to repair them when they are damaged. This will save you the hassle of having to throw them again and re-purchase them, as well as improving your eco-friendliness. 

Additionally, if you learn to sew you will be able to make your own bed linen, curtains, throw cushions and other expensive domestic items. 

6. Change your bathroom fittings

As well as switching your light bulbs, change or alter your bathroom fittings to more water saving varieties. This will reduce your water bill, and increase your environmental awareness. 

7. Switch your light bulbs

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Next up, switch out your light bulbs for more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Choose LED and energy-efficient varieties that will last longer and reduce your electricity bill. 

If you need assistance in transforming your home's lighting, speak to a professional who will be able to guide you in the right direction, as well as provide expert advice. 

8. Eat fresh

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House in Belgrano


Reducing your household spending isn't all about electricity and water, you can also lower the amount you spend by watching what you eat. Avoid convenience foods and head to markets to purchase fresh (and less expensive) food. 

9. Keep your dwelling well maintained

Finally, for our last point, we are looking at reducing home spending and saving money by keeping your property well maintained. Your abode needs looking after, and ensuring you keep it clean and managed will reduce potential future spending. Repair things as soon as they break, clean filters and generally avoid neglecting your dwelling to save yourself money in the long run. 

We hope this Ideabook gave you a few ideas to reduce spending and save money at home! If you would like to keep reading, check out: 7 interesting ways to free up space in your home

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