9 easy ways to free up space at home


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9 easy ways to free up space at home

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Most people tend to accumulate the standard collection of furniture that has been used to furnish much larger homes for aeons. If they live in a small home, they just invest in small pieces or work really hard to cram it all into a small space. This is just part of living in a small home, right? Well, actually, here at homify we believe it pays to be a little more creative when it comes to small living. Some of the basics from the past aren't really so important after all. Many pieces of furniture can be eliminated altogether and others can be swapped out for more flexible solutions. To see what we're talking about, come with us to check out 9 ways to free up space at home. Some of these small interiors are really inspiring so check them out!

1. Beds with built-in storage

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Before considering alternatives, it really pays to think smart about big items such as the bed. Make the key pieces work for you by investing in streamlined designs with built-in storage.

2. Ditch the bedside tables

โดย arctitudesign มินิมัล

Bedside tables can easily be ditched and replaced with a spare chair. This will give you the option for extra seating when guests arrive. Go one step further and eliminate the lamp too. A hanging pendant lamp is a striking alternative.

3. Swap out a big coffee table for a mini stool

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There's nothing worse than having to walk around an oversized coffee table. Invest in something small and round that barely takes up any room. Perhaps you might use a couple of small stools like this. They provide extra seating too!

4. Move tables against the wall

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Polygon arch&des


Polygon arch&des

Most of us don't use all four sides of a table. Push smaller tables up against the wall. This will free up walking space and make the table area feel that much cosier as well.

5. Minimise furniture and simplify

ทางเดินสไตล์สแกนดิเนเวียห้องโถงและบันได โดย Polygon arch&des สแกนดิเนเวียน

Obviously it's no secret that it's better to have fewer things in your home. But we still urge readers to take a long hard look at the items taking up floor space. Look at hanging options like the cool wall hooks used in this hallway.

6. Hanging furniture and accessories

Richmond Full House Refurbishment โดย A1 Lofts and Extensions มินิมัล
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

The feet and base of furniture can take up a lot of space. Consider some hanging furniture like this retro hanging seat. It definitely has some flair!

7. Identify trouble spots and provide compact solutions

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The sad fact is that most of the wasted space in our homes is caused by clutter. Identify trouble spots and install compact and creative storage options. Make them easy to use like this open basket solution.

8. Customise your storage

Showcase #3 โดย Anne Linde โมเดิร์น
Anne Linde

Showcase #3

Anne Linde

Our homes are often filled with objects with all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. But the majority of storage solutions are fairly generic and waste a lot of space. Find the perfect storage accessories to fit all your odd shaped objects.

9. A Japanese approach to saving space

If none of the other solutions have caught your fancy, try an extreme approach. traditional Japanese style interiors often have barely a stick of furniture on display. Instead, they use portable furniture that can be rolled up and stashed away in cupboards.

For more clever tips, check out this project: We took 6 smart ideas from this small apartment.

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