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How to make lanterns with beer cans

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  • Empty beer cans
  • Tea lights
  • X-act knife
  • String


Have an evening planned of backyard fun with friends and  have no idea how to light your terrace?

I'm going to share a great, simple and economical idea to illuminate your terrace in an original way.

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ขั้นตอน 1: Materials to make lanterns with beer cans

To make these lanterns, you do not need to invest much; you only need empty cans of beer or soda, some candles, some string and an X-act knife

ขั้นตอน 2: Cut one vertical line

To start creating your lantern with beer can or can of soda, you have to cut a vertical line along the can...

ขั้นตอน 3: Make the same lines along the whole can

When you finish cutting the first line, you have to do several around the whole can. Do approximately 12 lines.

ขั้นตอน 4: Press down

When you have cut lines on the whole can, press carefully with your hand on the top of the can to flatten it a little. Do it carefully.

ขั้นตอน 5: Add the candle and turn them on to decorate your terrace

​Light one of the tealights and slip it into the can to illuminate your space. You can hang them up by the can ring-pulls and a bit of string.